Neck pain and dizziness: 10 years of suffering

January 2nd, 2021 | by Jake Cooke | Posted in Dizziness


She’d been suffering from neck pain and dizziness for 10 years now. It’d started suddenly with a severe bout of vertigo that lasted several weeks. They told her that it would resolve by itself but she still had some horrible symptoms.
She felt like she was floating, swaying and was unsteady on her feet. While her neck was a constant source of pain and irritation for her.

Chronic neck pain and dizziness

Several times a year she’d have an awful headache, while her neck pain and dizziness would become much, much worse. She didn’t understand why she was still getting attacks of “labyrinthitis” after so many years.
It was immediately clear that her old diagnosis no longer fit. Her neck was stiff and painful, and trying to turn her head caused some dizziness. Her balance and coordination were poor, putting her at risk of falling over.
Movement, balance and posture depends on sensory feedback from the eyes, ears and body, particularly the neck. The initial bout of labyrinthitis has robbed her of feedback from her inner ear, and the neck pain reduced the feedback from her neck. No wonder she was having a hard time. It would be like walking through the house with your eyes closed.

Treatment plan

Treatment involved gentle mobilisation of her neck with some balance and coordination exercises. They started simple, but became more complex as she grew stronger. Low level laser therapy reduced pain and inflammation.
After the first session she had 4 days of feeling normal, for the first time in 10 years! Her friends and family commented on how well she was walking and how confident she looked! After four sessions she had no neck pain and dizziness. It’s been such a pleasure seeing not only change in her symptoms but a change in character. She looks happy and energised.
Neck pain review

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