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Treatment for sciatica

What is sciatica? True sciatica is when the sciatic nerve is compressed causing pain in the leg. However, the term is usually misused to describe back pain with nerve compression. That may not sound important but ...
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Incremental change

Incremental change

I often think of life like a spinning top. We have thoughts, emotions, wants and needs all trying to pull us in different directions. Not to mention the demands of friends, family and work. To stay ...
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Back and neck pain

How does pain become chronic pain?

If you've ever hit your thumb with a hammer you'll know just how hypersensitive it can feel over the next few days. The term for that pain is 'hyperalgesia'. It occurs in all injured or inflammed ...
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Chiropractor in Woking

Why does my back hurt?

Why does my whole back hurt? With any injury, regardless of what tissue is injured, there will be pain sensitisation ...
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Low back pain

What causes chronic back pain?

Most people will experience low back pain during their lifetime. 20% will go onto develop chronic low back pain or ...
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An overview of post-concussion syndrome (mTBI)

The definition of post-concussion syndrome. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion is very common. Fortunately, the majority of cases resolve ...
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Stress, tension, anxiety

The effect of stress and anxiety on your muscles

Stress and anxiety are contributors to many different health issues. Current estimates suggest that 3 million people in the UK ...
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