Pain and Dizziness – diagnosis and treatment

Pain or dizziness can be a minor frustration or completely disrupt your life. It can impact your health and happiness, and affect your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. The answer can be found by diagnosing and treating your control of movement, balance, posture and pain. With an accurate diagnosis we can treat the root cause of your problems and create a long term solution. At our chiropractic clinic you’ll benefit from the latest research, treatment techniques and rehabilitation exercises. Allowing you to get back to your life and chasing your goals.


The Neuro-Muscular Clinic is an advanced chiropractic clinic in Woking with expertise in the treatment of pain and dizziness. We’re registered with British Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council.


One piece of feedback we often receive is “that was the most thorough exam I’ve ever had”. It’s something we’re very proud of and the reason why so many healthcare professionals trust us with their patients. We really pay attention to what you’re saying and want to understand exactly what you’re experiencing. This is followed by a detailed examination of your movement, balance, posture and pain. Not only testing for if something is broken or damaged, but also its function. We check the strength, endurance and flexibility of muscles and joints. We test the function of nerves in the body and head, the health of the spine and brain function.


Treatment is tailored to you. There’s no fixed plan. We’ll talk through your exam, explain your results and your options. If you want to, we normally start treatment during the first session. Treatment may involve chiropractic techniques like mobilisation and spinal manipulation. However, our focus on longterm pain and dizziness means treatment is quite different to other chiropractors. We use a range of techniques to target muscles, joints and areas of the nervous system which may be too weak or too strong. All treatment is based on the latest neuroscience research and we use that knowledge to produce a profound change in movement, balance, posture and pain. Treatment times are longer here so we have time to go through exercises and ensure you can support your treatment from home.


What people say about Us

'I was a little dubious when I was told Neuroworks could cure my shoulder pain that I had been living with for so long but after only 3 sessions my shoulder was feeling approx. 80% better. Jake Cooke came highly recommended to me and I can now pass on this recommendation. I have just finished my 5th session and my shoulder has almost made a full recovery. Jake is professional, reliable and friendly with his patient's needs at the forefront of his practice' - Amy, Teacher.

'I am currently receiving treatment at Neuroworks Chiropractic Clinic in Ealing under practitioner/chiropractor Jake Cooke. I have found Jake’s approach, treatment, exercise programme, guidance and encouragement excellent. Following on from an initial assessment and diagnosis, the specific, innovative and progressive treatment plan has been carried out in a relaxed and comforting environment and I would highly recommend Jake and the Clinic' - Peter

'I recently visited Jake Cooke after a traumatic fall where I had a whiplash injury and also had a problem with my hip. I found him to be extremely professional, personable and knowledgable. He has a very easy manner and I have complete confidence in his abilities. He has completely sorted my neck and has given me exercises to do which are strengthening my hip. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody' - Mary, Air hostess

'I recently visited the clinic in New Malden as I was suffering from acute BPPV. Jake was able to pinpoint the cause of my condition immediately and clearly articulated the required cause of treatment. I was particularly impressed with Jake’s knowledge of the condition and was able to treat me accordingly. Excellent service, and would recommend to anyone – thanks for fixing me!' - Hannah, Accountant

'I went to Jake with a bad back and hips and it turned out he was a specialist in many more things! He explained very clearly and in ways I could understand how neurologically my brain was feeling the impact of high stresses at work and in turn this was affecting not just my back but my balance, mood, productivity etc etc. He put my mind at rest about so many things and gave me a comprehensive plan to get better....which I most definitely have! Would very highly recommend.' - Mr M Fox

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