Clinic Closed

Following the governments update, unfortunately The Neuro-Muscular Clinic is closed until further notice. If I haven’t done so already, I’ll be giving you a call to check your progress and discuss your options, including postponing... Read more »

Poor posture

I recall several times throughout my life where I was told to stand up straight, to pull my shoulders back, not to slouch forward like I was apparently doing – unknowingly of course. Maybe you’ve... Read more »

Pain and Dizziness Research

Why do a masters in neuroscience? In 2018 I started a masters in musculoskeletal neuroscience, focusing on my research on pain, dizziness and balance. The timing wasn’t great, we had just moved house, were building... Read more »

Low back pain

Most people will experience low back pain during their lifetime. 20% will go onto develop chronic low back pain or persistent episodes of back pain. Why does that happen? In this video I explain a... Read more »

Chiropractor in Woking

Does chiropractic work? It’s an important question if you’re considering consulting a chiropractor for your back or neck pain. Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain and their trademark is spinal manipulation therapy (SMT).... Read more »

Your Health and my goals.

My Past. I grew up as an average boy surrounded by excellence. While those around me thrived at sport, art and academics, I was perfectly unremarkable. From a young age I noted this difference between... Read more »

Your Health and my goals.